Overnight with Clearwater and Aloft the Next Day

Follow Jacob as he goes aloft on the Clearwater.

Double parking with another ship, exploring a boat graveyard, gathering everyone onto a steel catwalk with the decking rusted through — the evening of the Clearwater trip allowed opportunities to get off topic from every subject in discussion:

  • to know what “too many boats” looks like, or might look like if such a thing were possible;
  • discussing educational opportunities at various colleges;
  • explore the constellations above us and the rusting catwalk beneath us.
  • good times are to be remembered from the time on the catwalk.

Some of us even started singing old camp songs (actually only one of us was singing — I was the one singing, but they were great songs.)

We stayed in tents, some of us used rain-flies and some didn’t use rain-flies. And it did rain overnight. Some of the tents were found to be very good at letting water pass through when the rain fly was not used.

And the rigging on the ship was climbed the next day. Check out the video above to see the view