Class of 2014 Takes Over!

We RiverU students will be taking over the posting on the blog for the next three weeks! Our goal is to leave the program knowing more about and having gained an interest in ecology, environmental engineering, and environmental policy. We are well on our way to achieving just that!

So far, the program is fast-paced and very hands on, which is a nice change of pace from the normal college experience.

Yesterday we took water samples from the Fishkill Creek, pictured to the right, which we tested for a variety of water quality parameters, including electronic conductivity, turbidity, pathogen count, nitrate levels, pH levels, and dissolved oxygen levels.

Today we had the opportunity to discuss environmental communications and social mediea with world famous environmental journalist, Andrew Revkin who gave us some expert advice on blogging.

Keep posted to find out more about our findings of the Fishkill Creek data and future adventures during RiverU! Check out to learn more about the program.


RiverU Class of 2014