Big Data, Venture Capital and Water Quality

Big ideas for improving water quality often need big funding!  There are interesting possibilities in the venture capital world for environmental startups that have business models based on analytics, or ‘big data’.   Are business opportunities like this viable?  Will they help the environment?  Do they have the potential to speed innovation?  What are the downsides?  For more detail on this idea see this excellent article at Techcrunch.

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Click to read the  Techcrunch article on Big Data .  Via  Techcrunch  .

What is ‘Big data’?  ‘Big data’ means– analytical systems designed to derive insights from large and amounts of complex data). For more on what Big Data is, see thisarticle at Technology Review and this article at SAS, which offers this intriguing observation: “Big data may be as important to business — and society — as the Internet has become.”